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Raffle? (sorry no points because I'm greedy/cheap/need points too ;u; ) 

16 deviants said Simple coloured sketch request like Nyanko Nyaaan! by M-A-F but with a nose...maybe...
12 deviants said Both :la:
9 deviants said Even if you raffle off 10 :points: I'll join! >8D


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WIP Some stuff that is coming along...I'm slow....:iconlazycryplz:
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To do list

  1. respond to all 900+ activity messages orz
  2. Finish current wips
  3. Have a better idea of what my responsibilities are
  4. 5 y o contest prize
  5. Try out tutorial
  6. Redo commissions page


United Kingdom
page under construction :)

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CLOSED - I need to catchup on some artworks

Dorks by RunaDrudenhaus
There are so many tutorials on DA but I'm not going to list the typical kind or for beginners. I want to share my favourite that I've used or tried before.

Since I mostly do digital art, I collected a bunch of tips related to digital art.

But I sort of have a tip of my own that I learned for traditional art, I wonder if anyone can confirm or add to it!
I really hate making lineart btw but I got the hang of it at some point so I'd like to get it out of the way.

For example I notice how some people have problems inking because their hand shakes, I have that problem too sometimes. I was trying to make the lines one day and I think short swift movements helped rather than trying to making long lines without taking a break. I still need to keep testing this for myself though ^^; so if anyone else has their method for a stress free inking experience go ahead and share!

So first one isn't really a tutorial.

Head Perspective Chart by yuumei
Below in the section there is advice written about drawing something several times each day. I have since tried doing this for myself. In the past copying from reference has never been a problem for me. The real challenge is making something original from your mind but to do that, you need to have a good idea of how something already looks.

After doing these exercises I went from one idea to the other. I came out with making a decent method for myself when I draw profiles. (before I couldn't draw profiles quick and clean enough or the same and yes it involves step by step stuff) I still need to practise more and come up with more simple methods I can easily grasp ;_;

Ok the rest
Character and general painting
2013 Shilin's drawing tutorial/walkthrough by shilin Carciphona - Tango by shilin<- result
Digital painting process from start to finish! Because I like the way it's done, messy and free at first and the lineart actually comes last! It's gorgeous in the end. *o*

Omocha's Mega Cell Shading Step by Step by ZenithOmochaP2Go: Domino by ZenithOmocha<- result
Very effective and organised way of doing digital art. This is how I usually do my cg's if I'm not sketching or doing it like a painting except with less layers.
One layer with all base colours second layer is a duplicated base which I put the shading on. Hard to explain but if you've ever watched an :iconartgerm: livestream then you might understand. 

sky + clouds tutorial by megatruhHinata and Zaki by Omar-Dogan
I couldn't understand this tutorial in the past == just saying. Still thought it was cool~ Has a 3d concept art feel.


night sky tutorial . by megatruh sky + clouds tutorial by megatruhwhen you're in love by megatruh<- Not result but her bg art is gogeous
.enolA by megatruh<- sort of result

Background tutorial! First is a night sky and the other sky + clouds.
I absolutely love :iconmegatruh:'s background centric artworks btw.

Cloud Tutorial Part 1 by yuumei Part1 Cloud Tutorial Part 2 by yuumeiPart 2
Awesome cloud painting tutorial by :iconyuumei: it's beautiful... ;u;

How to extract scanned linework in SAI by Keichan411<-Awesome
How to remove white background in Paintool Sai. Honestly the best advice you'll get about Sai.
If your image is perfectly black lines and white bg, this is a very quick and easy way of removing the bg.

Digital Painting Tutorial Pt I by lithrielPart 1Digital Painting Tutorial Pt 2 by lithrielPart 2Tutorial Example by lithrielResult

Digital Painting Tutorial by DianaeHanagumori by Dianae
I'm not sure if it was this tutorial or the one above it that I used when I painted a random realistic (but ugly) girl. It was a very long time ago but it's useful. Even if my image was gross XD I'm considering repainting that old realism art I did back then after I find one of oldest manga drawing when I was just starting out.

I used this for practising one day, so I could quickly experiment on shading.

I posted more than I thought I would, there are way more about, for example I watched a youtube video and how the artist mixes colours digitally in a certain way that I thought was interesting. I guess I never stop looking at different methods...

Advice straight from me
Hmm, people were mentioning that I made improvements coming back from my last hiatus. I didn't practise any digital art at all in that time but instead I had a cheap sketchbook, ball point pen or pencil that I used. I drew a lot of quick expressive sketches from sites like or another site like that but with photographs. I also used repetition to continuously redraw something making sure to make it more appealing. I was trying to stop past bad habits, like instead of trying to fix a sketch I would move on to the next one and avoid making the mistake in the first place. Pretty much...I just drew loads whether from reference, life, imagination etc.

Egh...and lately I have been drawing for hours and skipping sleep sometimes ._. I don't recommend it...I'm nuts.

You should know the best advice is to practise and be patient.

I'd like to pay more attention to clothing/folds and patterns soon. I'm not really pleased about bgs, I don't even want to say that I should be doing them because it annoys me. >.> orz 

I'd love to hear if anyone has any favourite methods whether it helps you or you enjoy doing them!


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Any contribution is appreciated. :nod:

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