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Raffle? (sorry no points because I'm greedy/cheap/need points too ;u; ) 

13 deviants said Simple coloured sketch request like Nyanko Nyaaan! by M-A-F but with a nose...maybe...
10 deviants said Both :la:
6 deviants said Even if you raffle off 10 :points: I'll join! >8D


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WIP Some stuff that is coming along...I'm slow....:iconlazycryplz:
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To do list

  1. respond to all 900+ activity messages orz
  2. Finish current wips
  3. Have a better idea of what my responsibilities are
  4. 5 y o contest prize
  5. Try out tutorial
  6. Redo commissions page


United Kingdom
page under construction :)

Apparel & prints of my art can be bought here:
Sketch, wip and other can be found here:


CLOSED - I need to catchup on some artworks
When I see or hear the words 'jealous' or 'envy' even I get the idea that either someone is insecure about themselves or they feel that someone doesn't deserve something or just making an excuse of some sort. Putting the friendly and harmless interpretation aside, I believe jealousy just isn't justifiable.

When people say it's a compliment or that they're envious of my "talent". I'd think twice when making that assumption. Talent is usually thought to be a natural ability isn't it? Especially when I witness people putting themselves down over this sort of thing. The same people are almost irritated and saddened by someone who they think is much better than themselves rather than being inspired. It's sad when that happens to the point it becomes an excuse to give up as it's probably pointless trying.

I'm not convinced how many of those people, who are prone to letting their insecurities get to them, understand the amount of work and training it must have taken any certain artist at a certain level. You can't tell how someone works, you can't tell what someone went through to get to that stage. You probably don't realise that same artist might have been in your state of mind at one point too. They might have struggled and learned the hard way if they didn't already know what steps to take first.

Even if it's a 3 year old kid who has sold abstract art for thousands of dollars I don't think any should compare themselves. It happens. Some people probably do have a natural ability in some form but still, you can't compare yourself to someone else and you shouldn't make excuses. You will only end up making an oblivion for yourself to live in.

When you feel yourself becoming jealous of an artist or hopeless, remind yourself of what it must have taken or if you absolute don't know what it took, remind yourself of that.

Besides I'm at a stage where I still have lots to learn. I didn't care much when I was a kid in school and considered Art class a joke and rather boring~ To make more of point I'm working as best as I can, so so should you! I won't even mention all the emo feels I've gone through so far ok :iconrubcheeksplz:

No more excuses, it's time to improve your art!You’re probably well acquainted with the old proverb “practice makes perfect.” And while I don’t fully believe that perfection is attainable, because the very notion of perfection is somewhat subjective, getting better at anything requires both timeand effort. I’m going be very blunt here; if you want to improve your artistic skill you need to actually practice.
My heart goes out to everyone here who is struggling to improve so don’t feel that I’m purposely singling you out here. However throughout my time on dA (and in real life) I’ve met artists begging for advice on how to quickly improve and sadly when I tell them to begin practicing the excuse is always ‘well, I don’t really have the time for that.’
And I ain’t got time for yo attitude.
Bullet; Red You do have the time
Inb4 “you don’t know my life!!!1one1!!” Listen here young padawo

Late special mention and thanks to :iconmcmxc2: for the sub he donated! ;v; 
One of his works:
 'Pretty Nice Car You Have Here!' by MCMXC2

Edit In other news
I've tried out a new style for a character that will go up for auction by tomorrow, fingers crossed, first time and nervous. ;o
Also a small mention, RIP Robin Williams, I found out a few hours ago when I was watching his film "Jack". Ah I dunno what to say as his films made me laugh and I loved 'Hook' when I was a child.


M-A-F has started a donation pool!
168 / 1
Any contribution is appreciated. :nod:

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